Jane Woodward - Artist Island


ALICE Flagg, the ghost of Murrells Inlet

Go on line to read the the well-known ghost story of a young girl whose love for a lumberman was forbidden. The legend of Alice Flagg, her love, her family's refusal to allow her to marry him, their home in Murrells Inlet, the Hermitage and the broken-hearted, premature death of Alice in 1849, make a lovely love-story, and the continuing haunting by Alice to find her lost engagement ring, centers around the location of the the Hermitage, local home-site and her grave located at the All Saint's Church in Pawley's Island, making an intriguing adventure to this day.
'I painted Alice as it came to me to do so. I had not read how she was buried in her favorite white dress, until after I finished the painting. I hope you find her and her story as interesting as I do. You may visit her grave and walk reverse around it 13-times at midnight, on a full-moon, if you so dare, to see if she appears to you."

Jane Woodard