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Artist and SC native Jane Woodward returned to the coast of SC two years after a one-year "visit" to her hometown of Greenville. Since 2013 she is back full-force drinking in the beauty of the low country once again and expressing that beauty in oil paintings. She is an Owner-Participant in the Island Art Gallery in Pawley's Island, SC.

She teaches classes in Georgetown, SC, just 30 minutes from her home in Murrells Inlet, every Tuesday and Thursday, and will continue to teach with the OLLI Program at Coastal Carolina Continuing Education in Litchfield beginning the last of September. Jane has taught with this program for several years, only to expand the classroom opportunity to Georgetown starting this past June, 2015.

"The classes are growing! Wow! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned painter, or simply wish to pick it up again after many years away from painting, I will teach you what I have been taught, and learned from workshops, paint-outs, and just "doing it," over the many years I have been painting. I am seeing students go on to showing and winning awards, which is such a reward for me! I promise you this, if you wish to join us, you will see progress as you step forward and work at your own level, meeting new friends, exploring a whole new world that hopefully you will find to be a joy to you. My motto: 'If it's not fun, find something else that is and do that!' Painting should not be stressful, rather it should be the most relaxing time of any day."

Jane will teach you how to work from photographs, plein air (paint outside), work from still life, or even imagination, allowing you to express your self, not just imitate another's idea. She does teach color theory, but in a playful way, not laying out darkest to lightest pigments, "which can be very helpful, but also very boring!" She teaches the basics which advance as far as you wish to take them.

You are invited to contact Jane at janewoodward@msn.com to request information regarding classes or the purchases of art seen on the website, or at Island Art Gallery in Pawleys Island, SC.

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